photos of the policewoman who harassed a man that prevented her from allegedly taking N50 bribe SURFACES!



Yesterday, we brought you reports of how a female police officer was filmed harassing a bus driver for allegedly refusing to pay a stipulated bribe of N50, after he was stopped on the streets of Ikotun, Lagos state.

Here’s what a Facebook user wrote;

‘‘We must stop police from Harrasing Nigeria people on the street of Lagos. This is inspector from ikotun police station fighting people in the bus because he want to collect bribe of N50 from the bus driver this happen at college bustop, where are we going in this country please my people share to stop corruption share till this get to the area commander of idimu ikotun DPO the commissioner of police and the IG this woman need to leave the police we must stop police from Harassing Nigeria people on the street of Lagos

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