D0wnload V!deo: Sec0ndary Sch00l F3m@le Students P0se Nu de Infront Of Their H0stel, V!deoed and Uploaded it Online

W0w!! Y0u g0nna Enj0y th!s Interest!ng V!deo … H@ppy W@tching!!


Three sec0ndary (high Sch00l students) who their ph0t0 appear ab0ve were vide0ed in fr0nt of their h0stel half n@ked and is mak!ng the r0unds 0nline.

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Nob0dy has been able to determine what their intention was but we say that this is t0tally ‘un-Niger!an’. and we wish 0ur k!ds go to sch00l to study and not engage in ‘near p0r n0gr@phy’

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