Bracelet From Pastor Iginla’s Church Heals HIV Positive Man

As shared on Pastor Iginla’s official Facebook page.

He started with a feeling of weakness on a fateful morning, with pains all over his body.
He then decided to consult his Dr. for a medical checkup. The result came out HIV positive for him!
He then summoned courage and told his wife about his status. His wife, being a member of this great commission, a fervent believer in God; dropped her Fire Bracelet in a cup of water and gave her husband to drink by faith in God.

After drinking the water, give it a few days, he sensed some great relief in his system, he decided to take a hold on another medical test, this time around, from three different hospitals.
To the glory of God, the result came out Negative.
Praise God!
I use this testimony as a point of contact to everyone ill out there, by the healing power of God, every form of sickness or ailment is uprooted out of your body right now in Jesus name!!

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